We climb the ladder…so you don’t have to

Gutter cleaning done the right way

At Happy Gutters we clean gutters the right way, by hand. There is no substitute for climbing the ladder, getting hands dirty and thoroughly cleaning gutters and downspouts. Our competitors use blowers, hoses, pressure washers and vacuums. While these methods take less time, they are inferior. Blowers make a mess while leaving heavier debris behind. Hoses and pressure washers spay roof grit, dirt and other gutter contents all over your windows, siding, deck, patio, driveway and walkways. And vacuums simply leave too much debris behind. 

Clean gutters is not all you get with Happy Gutters. We’ll also snake your downspouts, carry away all debris and blow off your driveway, patio/deck and sidewalks before we leave. 


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